Saturday, March 10, 2007


Well, I don't have a lot of time to post right now because I am going grape harvesting in about 5 minutes. Dave's family has a vineyard, and as part of their contract with a winery they can pick %5-10 of the grapes for themselves and do whatever they want with them (raisins??) This is an extended family affair, so everyone gets together and spends a day picking grapes, and then we drink lots of wine and eat barbequed meat in fine Aussie tradition.
Yesterday I spent at WOMAdelaide, or WOMade (pronounced wom-add, does not rhyme with 'lemonade' as any American would assume.) The whole thing stands for 'world of music adelaide' and is a huge 3 day international music fest. Unfortunately, the day was 37 degrees (in an effort to go native, I am attempting not to convert celsius to farenheit, but it's sufficient to say that 37 is really really hot. The type of hot skin actually starts melting with direct contact with the sun. And given that there's no ozone layer, you can actually your skin cells mutating under the sun's radiation). But besides the heat, the festival was very interesting. Among other things, I heard some Tuvan throat singers, an Irish band, some Jeff Buckley imitator (only for 5 minutes), a raggae/dance hall/jazz Australian band, a Sephardi-flamenco fusion singer, whose songs were all entitled something like "You broke my heart, I hate you and want to die" or "I have no home or land and want to die" (you get the picture), I Chinese man on a flute who played excellent elevator music....will write more, have to go now

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Cathy Danh said...

Heat is sweet, but cancer is not.